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2022 Application

The 2022 Tennessee Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Application is now open!  Click HERE to apply!

To apply for the 2022 Tennessee Junior Science & Humanities Symposium, please review the steps below.

Guests, such as teachers, parents, STEM professionals, etc., will be asked to register here once 2022 registration opens.

Participants must submit their materials by February 12, 2022.

Keep in mind these notes as you complete the steps above:

  1. Original Research. While literary review or library research is a part of the research process, secondary research alone is not appropriate for the TJSHS. The written and oral reports should present the results of original research carried out by the student.
  2. Continuing Projects. Some student research projects are the culmination of more than one year of work (as is the case with many science projects). If this is the case, the student’s paper should focus on the current year’s work. In the case of continuing projects (i.e., projects that were part of the TJSHS competition from a previous year), the student is advised to present in clear detail how the project has been advanced during the current year. Data and results from previous related research may be included, but the year(s) during which data were collected must be clearly indicated. Continuing research should document a significant expansion of the project.
  3. Team Projects. If students are part of a larger group project that cannot be divided into individual projects, one student will need to be selected by the group to be the team representative and presenter. The research paper should properly acknowledge the contributions of the presenter and each student member of the team, as well as the group’s mentors and/or teachers. In the case of team projects, only one person is selected to present the work and this person alone is eligible for a scholarship.

Before you begin your research and the following steps to apply for the TJSHS, please read through the TJSHS Rules of Competition thoroughly. In this manual you will find information on paper formatting, rules on research, and suggestions for preparing your presentation.

Students in grades 9-12 select an area of research. Choose from the following eight options:

  • Environmental Science
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Medicine & Health / Behavioral Sciences
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry

Read more about areas of research in the TJSHS Rules of Competition on pages 2-3.

Oral Presenters

Must submit an abstract, research paper, project information form, and statement of outside assistance.

Poster Presenters

Only required to submit an abstract, project information form, and statement of outside assistance.

Note: Students who apply to present in the oral session, and whose research submission is not accepted for oral presentation, will be considered for an invitation to present in the poster session.

Students must adhere to guidelines in order to qualify for scholarship money. Learn more about abstracts and written research paper guidelines here.

Student, teacher, and mentor complete the Statement of Outside Assistance Form. Students are encouraged to obtain assistance from teachers, mentors, parents, or other students in their research projects. This form describes the student’s specific participation in mentored projects. It is expected that the student’s project emerged from ideas and experiments in which the student was actively involved in formulating.

Student, teacher, and mentor complete the Project Information Form. This form clarifies how, why, when, and who you worked with on the project.

Apply to the TJSHS via the registration platform CVENT.

Upload and submit the written research paper, abstract, Statement of Outside Assistance Form, and Project Information Form to CVENT. The deadline to submit documents for the 2022 event is February 12, 2022.

Students will be informed of the status of their papers in Feb 2022.

After all research papers are reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of University of Tennessee, Knoxville faculty researchers, selected students will be contacted no later than February 2022 with an invitation to present their work through either an oral presentation or poster presentation at the 2022 Tennessee Junior Science & Humanities Symposium.

All selected students, teachers, guests, and STEM professionals/volunteers will be asked to register in advance in order to attend the Tennessee Regional Junior Science & Humanities Symposium. The deadline to confirm your attendance will be about 2 weeks in advance of the event itself.