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Previous Symposiums

2020 Winners

Oral Presenters

1st Place: Irene Mamontov, Farragut High School (Knoxville), The Variability Hypothesis and Distribution of Standardized Test Scores, Category: Medicine & Health/Behavioral Sciences

2nd Place: Melody Guo, Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge), Developing an Integral Equation Solution for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, Category: Math & Computer Science, Computer Engineering

3rd Place: Srikrishna Dasari, White Station High School (Memphis), Analyzing DGR-Associated Protein Evolution in Cyanobacteria, Category: Biomedical Sciences; Cell/Molecular Biology

Poster Presenters

1st Place (tie): Eric Armstrong, Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge), The Effect of Pseudomonas, Piriformispora Indica and Laccaria Bicolor on the Growth of Gossypium Hirsutum, Category: Life Sciences
1st Place (tie): Gideon Torode, Hillsboro High School (Nashville), Quantifying Perceivable Aspects of Trumpet Design, Category: Engineering & Technology

Teacher Award

Nick Reynolds, Farragut High School

More information on the 2020 TJSHS can be found here