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2021 Scholars

Congratulations to the 2021 TJSHS scholars competing in the oral presentation and poster presentation competitions on March 4-5, 2021!

First Name Project Name School Name County Competition
Akhilsai Data Informatics Approach for Managing Water Crisis During Pandemic Situations East Hamilton High School Hamilton Poster
Astha Experimenting with Nanotechnology Girls Preparatory School Hamilton Oral
Charles Effects of diammonium phosphate on Saccharomyces cerevisiae Growth and Metabolism Hillsboro High School Davidson Oral
Cheryl Bioinformatic Analysis Predicts Novel Tissue-Specific Enrichment of Nucleoporin Gene Regulators Hume-Fogg Academic High School Davidson Oral
Daniel Using Data Science to Explore Historical Trends and Predict Future Rates of COVID-19 Oak Ridge High School Anderson Poster
Eyrin Analyzing Disparities of Eviction During the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Spatial Statistical Analysis Farragut High School Knox Oral
Grace Assessing Stream Health as it Pertains to Plethodontid Salamanders at Several Sites within the Cherokee National Forest Cleveland High School Bradley Oral
Holden Density-Dependent Effects of Lonciera maackii Allelopathy Hillsboro High School Davidson Oral
Junyi Automatic Music Generation Based on Deep Learning Algorithm McCallie School Hamilton Oral
Kurt The Development of an Improved Wireless Energy Transmission System and Adapter Hillsboro High School Davidson Poster
Noah Masking The Problem: Examination and Analysis of Currently Available Facial Masks and Re-Designed Improvement to Help Prevent Respiratory Exacerbations McMinn County High School McMinn Oral
Raymond The Relationship Between Tropical Cyclone Translation Speeds and Aerosol Concentration Farragut High School Knox Oral
Ridhima Understanding the Impact of Landscape Patterns on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) Intensity Farragut High School Knox Oral
Rishi Developing a Fish Image Classification System for Mouse Creek, Cleveland, TN using Machine Learning Cleveland High School Bradley Oral
Saksham Omnidetector: Universal Screening Test for Cancer, Stroke from Atrial Fibrillation, and COVID Thrombophilia Houston High School Shelby Oral
Skyler The Classification of Crayfish in Mouse Creek, Cleveland, TN in Oct. 2020 Cleveland High School Bradley Oral
Vivian The Potential of Different Rice Varieties as a Natural Water-Resistant Adhesive Hamilton County Collegiate High School Hamilton Oral