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Judging the Research

Judging of students’ research papers and oral presentations will be under the oversight of the chair of the Judging Panel, who will select faculty from the appropriate disciplines to serve on the judging panel(s).

A copy of each student’s research paper will be distributed to all judges for independent evaluations. Each judge will evaluate the papers and award points based on the written criteria established by the TJSHS. The score for the paper is determined by adding the scores for each criterion and is submitted to the chair of the TJSHS Judging Panel for further analysis and determination of the top student papers to be presented orally.

Students who are selected to present their research orally will be notified by February, 2020. The presentations will be scheduled to take place during the symposium. The judging panel will independently evaluate the presentation using the oral presentation criteria. The judging panel will also discuss the students’ research and oral and written presentation performances in private during their final evaluations. Upon completion of this process, each member of the judging panel will rank the presentations and determine the top five winners, with the first-, second-, and third-place winners receiving scholarship awards to be used at any college or university of their choice upon high school graduation.

The top five papers based on the evaluation of the written and oral presentations will be recognized in an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the symposium.

Score Sheets: